Arby's - Greensburg, Pa




Stainless steel corner guards throughout the kitchen area.

Cosmetic screens - 2" square aluminum tubing covered by perforated aluminum sheeting.
Louvered access door - aluminum construction with hinge, clasp and screen on back.
Drive-thru window - Stainless steel trim for window sill.

Roof access ladder - Aluminum ladder painted black with stainless steel rung covers.

Planter boxes - Dining room area aluminum planter boxes, water tight.
Golden Corral - Monroeville & Uniontown, Pa
These stainless steel guards protect the corners in the kitchen and bathrooms of this Golden Corral in Uniontown, Pa
TGI Friday's - Gettysburg, Pa

Powder coated aluminum ladder was fabricated and installed on TGI Fridays in Gettysburg, Pa for roof access.
Valentine's Restaurant, Springdale, Pa
Tusca Restaurant, Southside Pittsburgh, Pa
9 on 9 Restaurant, Pittsburgh, Pa
Dairy Queen, Mars, Pa