Chairs & Barstools

Freedom Barstool

 Perfect  for hanging out with company.  It has a hollow design that makes it lightweight.


Colonial chair

Options unlimited. Hollow design.


"MILLENNIUM" Lounge chair

 This is a very comfortable, relaxing chair that fits like a glove. May be equipped with arm rests, cup holders, head rest, cooler or any other option. This lounge chair can be used indoors or  outdoors, even in the shower. 20" wide, 50" long


"MILLENNIUM" Dining chair

 Hollow design makes this dining chair lightweight. Can be upholstered upon request.



Hollow design. Shown with two tone finish and foot rest. Options unlimited.


Dining Chair
 This chair is an example of several options applied to a dining chair. Shown with: Arm rests, open backrest, two tone finish, pedestal base, and a form fit. Options unlimited.


Backless Barstool
Sleek mid-high 2 tone Island stool. Hollow and light. Shown with and without footrests.