Island bar

    This island bar is 40 inches tall, 10 feet long and 24 inches wide. It is a hollow design with multiple glass shelves, accent lighting and all internal electrical, plumbing and tap. Made out of aluminum with a brushed finish and clear coated to give it added protection.
                            This fire breathing dragon is made of aluminum. As shown this dragon spans 16' long by 4' high.

The details were applied by using several finishing techniques. Truly a one of a kind piece


        Outdoor lighting
  These outdoor lights have internal lighting to produce glowing red accents and have been clear-coated to protect them from weathering.


        2 piece wall mirror
      This mirror spans 16 feet long, 4 feet tall and comes in 2 pieces. It has a brushed finish that reflects the light differently at every view. All mirrors are made to order and the options are unlimited.

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        Full length mirror

 Elegant mirror 8 feet tall by 4 feet wide, several finishing techniques applied. Mirror can be hung horizontal or vertical.

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         Corner wall mirror
     This mirror was constructed with a 90 degree angle to fit into the corner of a wall to allow multiple viewing angles. Several  finishing techniques applied.

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         Full length mirror
   Full 4 feet wide by 8 feet tall masculine type mirror. Tri-textured finish.

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         Wall mirror

Modern mirror has a 3 dimensional tubing appearance and is approximately 5 feet long by 3 feet tall.

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        The Stiletto Stool


 This is the newest piece in the collection. Ultra-modern , truly unique. The entire stool has polished finish to give it a mirrored look.


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        Brass Panels
These two 1/4" brass panels were polished and clear coated. They are being used in an elevator in the Gulf building in Pittsburgh, Pa.
            Exterior Rooftop Ladder
Powder coated aluminum ladder was fabricated and installed on TGI Fridays in Gettysburg, Pa for roof access.
             Protective Grates
These grates were fabricated, painted and installed on a construction trailer for R. E. Crawford.
          Corner Guards
These aluminum guards protect the corners in the kitchen and bathrooms of this Golden Corral in Uniontown, Pa
         Louvered Access Door


Louvered access door - aluminum construction with hinge, clasp and screen on back.
        Roof Access Ladder & Corner Guards
Roof access ladder - Aluminum ladder painted black with stainless steel rung covers.
         Cosmetic Screen Coverings
Cosmetic screens - 2" square aluminum tubing covered by perforated aluminum sheeting.
         Planter Boxes
Planter boxes - Dining room area aluminum planter boxes, water tight.

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     Display Units  
    Restaurant sign  
        Church Cross  
Stainless Steel & Brass, 10' tall, 6' wide
         Bank Awning  

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          Small Business Signs  


            Publix Decorative Metal  
     Stainless Steel/Aluminum Finish Panels  
Restaurant Kitchen Shelving Unit