Furniture & Accessories


Furniture and Accessory Options:

Various Sizes Head Rests Gliders
Various Shapes Cup Holders Sliders
Materials Plumbing Holes
Thickness Foam Filled Lighting
Design Casters Serial Numbers
Upholstery Floor Protectors Signed
Fabrics Mounts Arm Rests
Trays Foot Rests Rockers

Finish Options:

Polished Brushed Grind
Painted Clear Coated Anodized
Chrome Hammered Raw
Exposed Welds Patina Etched
Pin Striped Striped Gold Leaf
Air Brushed 3D Circuitry
Mechanical   Biomechanical


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Tables Chairs Mirrors Lamps Doors
Sculptures Head/Foot Boards Candle Holders Clocks Ornamental
Bath Tubs Curtain Rod Holders Mail Boxes Sink Mounts Awnings
Fabrication Retail Metals Barstools Kitchens Outdoor
Display Units Commercial  Railings Restaurants Shelving
Counter Tops Staircases Wine Racks Staircases & Railings Gates