Small mirror. Random 80 grit finish, 29'' high, 19'' wide. Options unlimited.               





''MILLENNIUM'' mirror, shown with 120 grit finish. 72'' long  32'' high, Options unlimited.


Full 4 feet wide by 8 feet tall masculine type mirror. Tri-textured finish.




Modern mirror has a 3 dimensional tubing appearance and is approximately 5 feet long by 3 feet tall.




This mirror spans 16 feet long, 4 feet tall and comes in 2 pieces. It has a brushed finish that reflects the light differently at every view. All mirrors are made to order and the options are unlimited.



Elegant mirror 8' high by 4' wide, several finishing techniques applied. Mirror can be hung horizontal or vertical.


This mirror was constructed with a 90 degree angle to fit into the corner of a wall to allow multiple viewing angles. Several  finishing techniques applied.



Aluminum Flame mirror with mild airbrush details.


Aluminum mirror. 8' high by 4' wide. Mild airbrushing to give detail.



Contemporary mirror, 36" diagonal